Ucapan Happy Birthday in English

Happy birthday, my dear. Hopefully God will bestow health and happiness upon you.

Happy birthday, may I be the last person to say, because I want to be more recently being escort.

Dear… These days old are growing again, it means diminishing rations life .. but it does not detract at all my love for you, I love you full today and forever.

Happy birthday. May all stars bless you in this beautiful day and may all angels accompany you leading the new year.

Today is the day of your birth. Be aware that your age has increased. It means you are more mature. Do more good. So you will not regret it later.

Ucapan Happy Birthday in English

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During the sun still able to rise and drown. During that time I will be proud to be your friend. Happy birthday my dear friend, I love you very much and proud to be someone close to you.

Happy birthday for my best friend. May it be in tandem with your increasing age, your health, your success, and your kindness to those around you.

I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you. Happy Birthday.

When the candle flame is refracted in your face, I happily united prayers for you, on the day your birthday, I promise to continue to take care of you, happy birthday dear

Congratulations on being even more experienced. I’m not sure what you learned this year, but every experience transforms us into the people we are today. Happy Birthday.

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Another year has passed, and let me just say how much we count on you, rather than count the years. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday my dear. I am grateful that you can enjoy another new year full of happiness. Thank you for choosing me as your wife and fill my life with love. Every word you speak is teaching. Everyday I spend with you is a blessing. You’ve made my life more meaningful.